image VDOAKTV Media Holding Group Inc was formed to consolidate proprietary media assets, production, distribution, management and talent for maximum earnings potential. Brief history: Videoactive, began in a Malibu garage in 1980, produced educational videos offered in the HOME VIDEO INDUSTRY. Videoactive created, owned and produced proprietary products and offered distribution services to other media owners. Demand for Special Interest media was born out of consumer insistence for products other than games and entertainment. Breaking into "video stores" was difficult unless your business was a powerhouse. Videoactive thrived on demand from libraries, catalogs, mail order and specialty retail outlets. With respect to mail order, costs were high to send literature to potential customers. But, a technological evolution occured that changed everything. The rising star became "the" communications and marketing tool of the 21st Century. Internet was here. VDOAKTV.NET launch in 1999 as an Internet Service Provider and became Videoactive's marketing tool for media sales. The World Wide Web launches in 1994 and Videoactive.com launches in 1995. Our third related business consolidated into VDOAKTV Media is actually the oldest; Bill Myers Advertising (aka BMA). Active since 1968, Bill Myers Advertising clients included computer software and service providers, medical, telecommunications, industrial and retail businesses. In the 1970s, BMA entered European markets and brought products and services back to America. As a full service advertising agency, BMA combined with Videoactive as VDOAKTV Media Holding Group jumped into the 21st Century. VDOAKTV maintains relatively low overhead using computers and digital technologies. Our production capabilites incorporate high definition, ultra high definition videography, high fidelity surround sound, 3D animation, special effects and talented engineers whom we call upon as needed. We seek talent to join our specialized management team with decades of experience to concentrate on building shareholder value. VDOAKTV's goal is building revenue through media acquisitions and new productions to meet growing worldwide demand. Worldwide media licensing is on the rise and proprietary ownership is the key. VDOAKTV Media Holding Group Inc., creates a powerful tool building value for shareholders.


image Exponent demand for a diverse selection of media thriving. The Entertainment Industry in America is one of the largest providers of media in the world. Our latest products include Fine Art, Reality TV Shows, Feature Films, Education, Special Interest Titles and Television Showcases. Also, we distribute and license media content for other owners. We buy and resell all formats of media; film, analog video and digital media via downloading and streaming as well as offer hard copy CDs and DVDs. Our business is profitable allowing for immediate return on investment; investors and management participate equally as shareholders. VDOAKTV Media Holding Group Inc., distributes earnings as quarterly cash dividends. Investors may contribute to specific media projects and share in the project's earnings as profit sharing and/or royalty income paid monthly. In some cases, Limited Partnerships can be formed for specific projects offering tax shelter. Television Series and Feature Films are most often funded as separate projects. VDOAKTV Media Holding Group Inc., owns all rights, manages each project and has exclusive distribution authority for separately funded projects. We have hand picked talented artists and writers and allow them to share earnings as well. As an investor looking for fair ROI, look no further than VDOAKTV. VDOAKTV offers a unique opportunity based upon sharing earnings.

Expansion requires Capital. VDOAKTV Media Holding Group Inc., is offering a limited number of non-dilution stock shares for $1.00 apiece. Up to 5 million non-dilution, dividend earning shares are offered at this time. Price per share may rise at anytime without prior notice. Capital raised will be used for media acquisitions, new productions, marketing and advertising. For more information, please email: bill@vdoaktv.net or call 1-800-927-2949.